The New App for Sex Workers

The New App for
Sex Workers

The safer way to connect
for female sex workers and clients.


Peer-to-peer rating system
Good users list
Avoid bad experiences


No personal data collection
No geolocation
No SMS trail


Quick email or cell phone registration
Easy to use
Real-time messaging


No hassle
Find what you want
Search results to fit your preferences

Tips for users.
Increasing Sex Workers’ Safety through Technology.
Gfendr is a new free app that aims to make female sex workers’ exchanges and meetings with clients safer. Non-profit organizations (NPOs) can also use the App to reach their clientele.
About Gfendr
Clients, providers and NPOs benefit from this new app.
What is the main objective of Gfendr?

To offer a technological tool to female sex workers to makes their exchanges and meetings with clients safer. The App offers a discreet space for sex workers to advertise the services they provide. It also allows them to chat with potential clients and negotiate terms before meeting.

Both service providers and clients can provide feedback on their meeting. They can also write comments, which will be moderated by the Gfendr team. This rating system serves to build reputation and to assess user’s reliability on the App. Gfendr allows female sex workers to obtain more information about a potential client before an encounter, and helps them screen for difficult or unsafe clients.

How is Gfendr different than classified-ad websites and review boards?

Designed for smartphone and free to use, the Gfendr App was developed for female sex workers to increase their safety. Gfendr facilitates advertising, searching, real-time chatting and screening of users. The application simplifies the advertising of services: provider selects the services she wants to offer and those she does not offer, allowing her to filter some clients from the start. In one click, she goes online to be available. Only clients who are looking for the services she provides can contact her. By offering a search by interest rather than a simple listing, the results take into account user preferences.

This new App provides an economical, efficient, and safer alternative to online classified-ad websites. It is also a more respectful and empowering option for female sex workers than existing review boards designed for clients, and where comments are not moderated.

Where is Gfendr available, how can I register and how much does it cost?
The Gfendr App is free to use and registration can be completed easily at Only an email address or a cell phone number is required to register. Gfendr is a web-based app and it can be accessed on almost any device or browser. For now, this new App is only available in Canada, both in English and in French, but it will be available soon in other countries.
How can Gfendr keep user data safe?
Only an email or a cell phone number is required to register and that information will be encrypted automatically. Moreover, to protect the privacy of its users, Gfendr does not use geolocation or collect personal data.
How can the NPOs use the App?
Gfendr now offers non-profit organizations (NPO’s) the opportunity to use the App free of charge to reach their client base. Non-profits that work with sex workers or clients by providing support, assistance and information services about health, rights, or taxation can now use the Gfendr App. For more info click here.
Suggestions or Comments.
We are working hard to enhance this new app. If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve Gfendr, contact us using the form below :

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